Wednesday, December 14, 2011

First Aid Video Projects

Grade: 9
Teacher: Sandy Thomas
Subject: Health Science
Project Name: First Aid Health Unit
Resources: Project Website

In the Freshmen Health First Aid unit students will learn to recognize symptoms for a variety of injuries and provide effective treatment. Students will share their knowledge of First Aid with their classmates through the use of digital storytelling.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Yarmouth Entrepreneurs Project

Grade: 12
Teacher: David Pearl
Subject: Economics
Project Name: The Yarmouth Entrepreneurs Project
Resources: Project Website

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to the YEP! Over the next few weeks you will work with your partner(s) to design your own original business as you embark on a fictional journey of entrepreneurship.  You will be competing with your classmates to create the most profitable business.  The competition will result in a series of business proposals in front of our “Distinguished Panel” who will evaluate all the proposals and decide which business will be the most attractive and profitable for their investment. 

Readers' Theater Performance Videos

Grade: 3
Teacher: Kate Parkin
Subject: Language Arts
Project Name: Reader's Theater
Resources: Class Blog Post

Save Darfur PSA

Grade: High School
Teacher: Melissa Noack
Subject: Art
Project Name: Save Darfur Public Service Announcement
Resources: Project Website