Monday, December 9, 2013

Hour of Code

Grades: 1-12
Teachers: Morgan Cuthbert, Mike Arsenault, Cathy Wolinsky, and Alice Barr
Subject: All
Project Name: Hour of Code

Thank you to YEF for their support in helping find volunteers to come in to classrooms and talk about working in a computer science field.

All students in grades 1-12 had an opportunity to participate in an "hour of code" activity that was appropriate to their grade level. This is a slide show of some students at Rowe using iPads and YES using laptops with assistants from HMS:

This is the slide show from the High school activities

Friday, December 6, 2013

Digital Citizenship: Digital Discussions

Grades: 9
Teachers: Alice Barr , Suzanne Hamilton and 9th grade Teachers
Subject: Information Technology and Core Values
Project Name: Digital Discussions
Resources: Digital Discussions

This year we are going to have 3 periods during the year when we have discussions based on topics related to digital citizenship with 9th graders. Students will choose the topic they want to participate in. Round 1 will cover Digital Footprint and Digital Overload. Students will watch videos and read articles during Science and Social studies classes. On December 6th, students will participate in the Digital Compass opening activity and then go to smaller groups for the discussion. Groups will be generated randomly and each will have a teacher facilitator. Students will come prepared to the discussion ready to share and bring more questions. At the end of the sessions students will write a reflection. In future discussions, students will facilitate, based on the EdCafe Model.After the last discussion, students will write an essay based on the theme of Digital Citizenship.