Friday, September 21, 2012

iPads Growing in First Grade

Grade: First Grade
Teacher: First Grade Team 
Subject: Reading Fluency and Math 
Project Description:
Last year we were able to pilot the use of iPads in first grade at Rowe School through a grant from Yarmouth Education Foundation (YEF). We have purchased additional iPads this fall so that each classroom has a set of four iPads. The teachers worked on App selection and planning for use of the iPads over the summer. 

These are the apps that we have aded to the first grade classrooms this fall:
  • ABC Spelling Magic (Short Vowel Sounds) - free
  • ABC Spelling Magic 2 (Consonant Blends) - free
  • ABC Spelling Magic 3 (Blends & Syllables) - free
  • All My High Frequency Words
  • Cimo Spelling (Lite)
  • DoodleBuddy
  • DraftPad
  • Futaba- Word games for kids
  • iKids Puzzle
  • Google Earth
  • Know your Math Facts
  • iBooks
  • LetterSchool
  • Little Patterns
  • Mathwise - free
  • Math Bingo
  • Montessori Approach to Addition Charts
  • Montessori Approach 100 to 200
  • Montessori Approach to 100 Board
  • Montessori Crosswords
  • Motion Math - Hungry Fish
  • Pocket Charts! Beginning Letter Sounds 
  • Pocket Charts! Long and Short Sounds
  • PopMath Maths Plus
  • PuppetPals
  • Scribble Press - free
  • Sight Words by Photo Touch - free
  • Storykit - free 
  • Sushi Monster - free
  • Tell Time Little Matchups - free
  • Telling Time Photo Touch  
We added some apps specifically for teachers. The apps that were free are on all 20 iPads, the few paid apps are only on one iPad per classroom:
  • Dragon Dictation - free
  • Educreations - free
  • Explain Everything
  • Pages
  • Puffin Browser - free
  • Quickvoice Recorder - free
  • Show Me Interactive Whiteboard - free
  • Skype - free
  • The Weather Channel - free 
Most of the apps were available for volume purchase so we bought 20 copies of those for the price of 10. So far we have introduced LetterSchool, Little Patterns, iKids Puzzle and MathWise in classrooms. It is working well to assign five students to each iPad and store any saved games for them when they return. The next challenge is to figure out flexible grouping based on student needs and then appropriately managing the settings for each group.