Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lego WeDo Exploration

Grades: 3
Teachers: Grade 3 Team, Cathy Wolinsky
Subjects: Science, Math
Project Name: Lego WeDo
Resources: Yarmouth Education Foundation funding for materials and kits

Third graders are exploring the Lego Education materials called "Lego WeDo"during a set of class periods. The Computer Lab provides an open setting for students to work in pairs to select one of twelve projects. Working together they follow the directions to put together the blocks to make the project. Then they connect it to a computer so that the motor or sensor can follow a program students made using the Lego WeDo software.

This video shows the students working on their projects.

Monday, March 10, 2014

MLTI Screen Saver Winning Artists

Grades: 11-12
Teachers: Holly Houston
Subject: Art
Project Name: MLTI Screen Savers
Resources: MLTI Screen Saver Contest

Twenty-two student artists will have an audience of more than 70,000 students and teachers for their artwork this fall. The 22 artists from across Maine have won the honor of having their artwork displayed on the Maine Learning Technology Initiative devices for the 2014-15 school year.

The selected images will be displayed as a screensaver on MLTI Devices with a screen screen saver setting. For MLTI devices without a screensaver setting, the images will be made available as a download, allowing students/teachers to download the images and use them as a background on their device.

More than 250 Maine students submitted images to be considered and an independent panel of three judges selected the 22 pieces using a rubric. The artwork challenge is an annual opportunity that has attracted entries from more than 1,200 students, grades K-12, during its six-year history. The students whose artwork was selected are also invited to attend the 2014 MLTI Student Conference free of charge.

The selected students from Yarmouth are listed below. Their artwork is available for viewing at

Elana Bolles, Yarmouth High School, Grade 11, Holograms
Fiona Clarke, Yarmouth High School, Grade 11, Street in Rome
Kyaira Grondin, Frank Harrison Middle School, Grade 7, Silent Moment
Gaelon Kolczynski, Yarmouth High School, Grade 11, Tree
Alex Trippe, Yarmouth High School, Grade 12, Quilted Beetle