Saturday, May 19, 2012

Digital Citizenship Day

Grades: 9
Teachers: Grade 9 Team
Subject: All
Project Name: Digital Citizenship
Resources: Digital Citizenship Day 2012

Students explore scenarios related to Yarmouth's core values. They start out playing the Digital Compass game which is a way to gauge how students think about a topic such as Facebook use. Students are then put in small groups. We play core value jeopardy and watch a some public service announcements about a digital footprint. There is time built in for discussion. This year some of the seniors joined us for the conversations. Their comments and insights were valuable.

Next, students were asked to create their own digital Public Service announcement.  After submitting ideas from their discussions, students created a storyboard and got to work choosing the digital tools they wanted to use. At the end of the day, students submitted their work and wrapped up. 

New this year, we had the opportunity to be connected with Bonny Eagle High School. They have a theater troupe that performed "Sticks and Stones", scenes of bullying and harassment, which they wrote. The play was powerful and moving. 

Here are a few of the final products. We hope to have a showing before the end of the year.

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