Friday, March 27, 2015

Career Exploration and connecting to the Community

For three days each spring, all sophomores and juniors participate in Career Exploration. They have the opportunity to go to local businesses and job shadow. We have noticed that more and more students are being asked to bring their computer with them and often participate in activities for the business. One student worked a travel company that specialized in trips for teenagers. The student was asked to look at many competitor websites and pick the best aspects of each site. Another student shadowed the social media strategist at an advertising company. She learned about Google Ad-Sense and how to reach certain demographics. Students have participated in all kinds of experiences from ski patrol, to the weather station and everything in between.

On Thursday, Some of those students participated in an event at the Apple Store in South Portland. The idea was to promote how MLTI is preparing students for careers after high school. Our students were there to promote the idea of how the job shadow allowed them to follow their passion in the arts. The worked with VIA, a creative ad agency in Portland.

Here they are speaking about their experience.

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